Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ted's Adventure - Leaving Norway

Today is THE day!   Ted is on his way home after a 3 week tour in the UK, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, and Norway.    And what an adventure he's had!   (This picture was taken this morning - 11:00 a.m. Norway time and 5:00 a.m. our time.)

I will be so happy to have him home and just in time for Thanksgiving.  

I want to hear all the stories, see all the pictures, and look down the hall and know that he's here, safe and sound.

The air is icy today.   The roads are wet.   It's raining and freezing here in Texas and no doubt, in Newark, where they make their first stop before heading on to Houston. 

If you are reading this, please pray for the boys (I know they're men now, but boys to moms) for a safe traveling day and peace over them as they move back in time (time zone change) and change airplanes, travel some more and finally make it home.

Thanks for following along on Ted's adventure and I promise to share more over the next few days.....or when he wakes up :)   I suspect he'll need a few days to adjust back to Texas time!

Thanks again!


  1. Oh I bet your completely excited. I'll say a prayer right now for safe travels.

  2. Praying for safe travels.........very cool photo!

  3. I know you're so excited and waiting with all your heart! I've been there! The minutes will creep by so slowly, but at last he will be home. I will be praying for his safe return!

  4. Thanks friends!! Ted is finally home after 15 hours of traveling! We are thankful and blessed and appreciate everyone's prayers!


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