Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Budgeting in December - A Gift To Yourself

Could December be any busier?

This month is crazy with shopping and parties and music gigs and birthdays and just plain ole' get togethers.  

But, no matter how busy.....LIFE must go on! 

Things like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, math, bills, laundry, etc.     No wonder they call this "working from home"!!     It never stops!

As December rolled around, I really wanted to do all of those fun things, but I knew there was something else we needed to be paying attention to and that was the budget.  

How much greater is the need for budgeting, than in the month when shopping is at the forefront of everyone's mind?  (Not that we're not thinking about Jesus, of course.) (Don't get in an uproar.)

Therefore,  knowing that in January I will be cleaning out files from the past year and making new ones, I decided to go ahead and get my budget binder all lined out for the new year, with some help from one of my favorite websites - A Bowl Full of Lemons.

If you haven't visited this site, you've got to put it on your To-Do list!  If you have any desire to organize your home, this would be the place for getting ideas and great How-To advice.

Over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, Toni has created a Budget Binder with printable pages that are perfect for setting up your own system. 

The cost is only $10.00 (how's that for sticking to a budget?) and it's immediately available to download!   Can't get much easier than that!

And, because she is amazingly talented, she has also provided step by step instructions on how to set up both the binder and the budget, in a Budgeting Series,  which you can find HERE.

I know thinking about budgeting during the Christmas Season is not really where we all want to be, but when the New Year rolls around and you can rest easy because you stayed within your budget and the credit card statements aren't piling up, you'll be happy you took the time to do it.

Go ahead!  Do yourself a favor and stay one step ahead.   You'll thank yourself in about a month!

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  1. That is so smart. I need you to live close to me because I am the world's worst organizer! And it makes me feel antsy all the time. I've tried and tried but I'm just not consistent with it. I will go to this other blog and watch what you are doing.....maybe this time it will stick! Thanks!!


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