Saturday, December 21, 2013

It's Coming - 2014

Do you ever have that searching feeling inside of you - like something is in there and it's just longing to come out?

If you're seeking God's will for your life, you have it!   You may not realize that's what it is, but you have it.

It's that dream; that longing; that THING that you were made to do!   You know the one!   It's what  makes you giddy when you think about it.   That thing that bubbles up out of you, even when you're not trying.

Maybe it's teaching, singing, writing, cleaning, accounting, building, serving, giving or any other verb that makes you feel complete.    It's THAT thing!

Mine is writing, teaching and encouraging women.   Aside from serving the Lord and loving my family - I long to write, teach and encourage.

But, sometimes I don't.    Sometimes I fail.   Sometimes I don't have anything to say or offer.

And, it kills me to sit and wait for the Lord to provide.

Oh, I can fill up a page with life and antics and silly things, but my heart isn't really in those things.

They are just distractions while I'm waiting.

My heart is in sharing those things that God teaches me - good or bad, hard or easy - whatever He gives me - that's what I long to share.

I struggle and go back and forth with this blog thing.

Is is valuable?   Is it worth the amount of time I spend thinking about it?  Does anyone actually care?

I mean, if it's feedback I want, I can go to Facebook and get all of that, there is.   

But, it's more than that.

It's this longing I have to encourage women to walk with the Lord, through those hard times, but also through the everyday struggles of having a family and trying to survive in this crazy world.

Not because I know an abundance of How-To's or have all the answers.   Absolutely not!

But, because I'm on the journey and testifying to what God is doing and showing, is a valuable gift to give others because it spurs them on in their own struggles and life situations. 

And, we are called to spur each other on.

So, let me leave you with a few things today.......

**I have a testimony to share from this week.....

**I have been called to use this blog for His glory - not mine.....

**And, changes are coming in 2014.

God is calling me to step up and do something with what He's given me and it's time.

It's scary and intimidating and just the fact that I'm writing these words, gives me hives, because it means I have to actually follow through with what I'm feeling in my heart.

And, that will take growth on my part.

Pray for me.

Spur me on.

I'm going to need it.


  1. Will definitely be praying for you! You know I'm behind you all the way! Love, Cam

    1. Thank you Cam :) You're a faithful friend!


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