Monday, December 23, 2013

Making Plans

Those of you who have stuck with me over the years, have watched my blog evolve into a different look -  leave Blogger and go to Wordpress -  then back "home" again. 

Obviously there was an unrest there, as there always is, when God is inching you toward something different; something new.

Well, even through all the changes over the past year, I could still feel that unrest

I need to move - do something different - grow - SOMETHING.....but WHAT?

So, I began to pray and ask the Lord what he wanted me to do.

Many times when we approach the Lord with prayer, He answers us clearly and quickly, but sometimes it's a whisper, a gnawing, a tiny flicker of what we think might be a direction.   Those times are the hardest.

What if that's not God I'm hearing?  

What if I'm misinterpreting what I'm hearing? 

So you keep praying and keep asking and keep thinking of the widow in the Bible, who kept bothering the judge so much so that he gave her what she wanted.   And you think of how Jesus used this story to make a point to keep praying and not give up. 

And you don't give up because you know that God put this stirring inside of you. 

And I didn't give up.

And, one day this week, I was out Christmas shopping, but there was something I was hungry for, so I went into the Christian book store.     I wanted a Bible Study.

I began to search the shelves, high and low, for what my heart was looking for and I couldn't find it.  Beth Moore - no, not a fan.   Priscilla Shirer - not really the topic I needed.   And on and on the search went.   Nothing that fit what my heart was needing. 

I had almost given up when I turned down an aisle labeled "Gift Books".   

As my eyes scanned all the titles, I found it......exactly what I needed.

The minute I read the cover, my heart moved.    This is what I've been praying about - my dreams!

The very next day I began my morning with this book and subsequently, her blog.   

I cried when I read her post that day because it was about making plans - letting God lead - but making plans.   (Read it HERE)

As Holley says, making plans is different than demanding your own way.     Making plans is more about just setting goals and saying "I'm open" and then waiting on the Lord to be your guide.

It's about the journey together.

And, I'm ready.


  1. Oh....this excited me....I can't wait to see what the plans are!!! Good luck my friend!


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