Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leave Plenty of Room For Agitation

A few weeks ago I finally did a job I've had "hanging" over my head (literally) for over a year now.

It all started when I attempted to go on an "all natural/homemade detergent" journey.   Only the journey didn't yield the results I wanted, so I jumped off that bandwagon.    However, it did leave me with several spotted shirts - most of which, were Ted's (and they weren't cheap).  

I felt horrible, so I put "DYE shirts" on my To-do list.......many moons ago!

Well, over that year's time, I added a few of my own shirts to that hanging group; shirts that were all light colors and made me look like a pregnant marshmallow (note to self: dark colors are best), so when it came to "DYE" day, I had a small gathering of shirts about to get a change of color.

I chose Navy Blue.   I like Navy and I thought it would do a great job of covering up any spot left by the homemade detergent and also, turn my shirts into the dark colors that I've grown to love.

Now, look at the picture above and think back to the last paragraph.......I chose Navy Blue - not Lilac or Purple or Pink or any other pastel that looks like a bad Easter wardrobe malfunction!    But, that's what I got.

This is not what I wanted; not what I planned, and now I was faced with the decision of what to do with 6 purple shirts - chunk them or keep them?   Make the best of them or toss them like trash and walk away?  

It's funny how you can find a lesson in anything.

I was revisiting this situation this morning, as I was tossing a load of clothes in the washer (no DYE this time) and was reminded of the instructions I read previously on the back of the bottle of DYE.

It said "Leave plenty of room for agitation."

Ha!  Doesn't that sound like it should come in the instruction manual for dealing with people?

Actually, I'm sure it's woven throughout the Bible, only it's called GRACE there, on the pages of our Life's Instruction Manual.

If we applied these instructions to friends and family and our neighbors (in the Biblical sense), we would leave plenty of room for people to get mixed up, sink, bob, swish around again, and then come up cleaner than before.      No, it's not always easy or pleasant.   Sometimes people have to be swished and dunked and washed several times, in order to make them presentable.   

But, you don't just toss them out when they aren't perfectly clean.

If that were the case - Jesus would have tossed our butts a long time ago.   Truth is truth.

If in dealing with others, we left room for agitation - knowing that no one is perfect and that EACH ONE OF US is on a journey to being a better person, Christian, wife, brother, sister, mom or friend, we would be far less ready to just get rid of people and give up on them.  

Each of us needs GRACE,  not tossing!

So, next time you come across someone who rubs you the wrong way or doesn't exactly fit your mold of perfection.......

leave a little room for agitation!


Eventually they will come out clean and you will not have to miss out on their journey.

And, hope they will do the same for you!


  1. Oh I love this! Great post!! Love the husband "agitates" me all the But are so right.....GRACE.....what a wonderful word. Now don't give up on the shirts....I just knew you were going to try again and we were going to see them navy....:) Have a great day!!

    1. Lisa,
      I actually dyed them TWICE! Both with Navy and they still came out purple! In fact, the second time, the purple got worse :)


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