Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do It Scared!

Well, the day has finally come and gone.    The day that will go down as one of the best days EVER!

The first cast of Listen To Your Mother  - Southeast Texas

After months of preparation, prayer, practice and finally....slight panic.....we can say we were successful!  Actually, we were better than successful......We were amazing!

Truly, we have earned that title, if even for just a while.   

No one backed out.  No one fainted.   No one tripped up or down the steps and no one burst into tears, although we did tear into a few packs of tissues before, during and after.  

But honestly, this was one of the most satisfying things I've ever done!

First off, the cast was wonderful.  A great mix of professional moms, stay at home moms, retired moms and brand new moms, as well as, one "one day" mom and one humorous dad.    And, we were the perfect team!

However, without our Director and Producer, Jennifer and Elaine, we would not have had the show we had.    We truly could not have done this without them!

I can't imagine the entire production - from every practice to the final applause - going any smoother than it did.    This is the result of a good team and good leadership.   

Now, on to the more personal side of this event........

I never wanted to do this.    This public speaking thing.    In fact, I hated the thought of speaking in public, more than any other thing I might ever have to do.   So, of course, it's where God called me to go.    Yes, I'm blaming Him, but He's a big boy and He can handle it.  

God stretches us; He grows us; He pushes us to the edge and it's all for a reason - so we can trust Him.

Each participant in this show may have a different reason for being there and they might also have a different result.    But, for me - this is about God moving me out of my comfort zone and into a place where He needs me to stick my big toe.    Not just to test the waters, but to test Him and see that he is faithful.    And, I did.   And, he was.   And is.

I've already covered (in previous posts) how all the pieces of this came together.    You can read those posts here, on the blog.

But, this was more than just bringing circumstances together and getting me involved in something much bigger than me.  It was about me trusting that when God calls me and orchestrates that thing in my life that I can't imagine......He is faithful to carry me through!   

No more wondering.   No more questioning.   No more saying "I can't" because I'm too afraid to try.

Now, that's not to say that I will be rushing right out to do more crazy things, but the next time I feel that tug of prayer and that tug of "do this" going on, I won't cower down as quickly.   I won't just shove it aside and say "I could never do that!"  And, I won't neglect to ask the Lord if this is another one of his ploys to grow me in ways I never imagined.   And, it just might be.

There are so many valuable things I am taking away from this experience, but I think the biggest thing that keeps going through my mind is this......

Yes, I was scared to death.    But, I got up there and I did it scared.

Scared is not failure.    Scared is human.   Scared says "I know I might fail, but I'm brave enough to try."

If there is something you feel you should be doing but you're terrified, hesitant, unsure, or just plain old scared........

Just do it scared!

You won't die and you will come out way ahead.


  1. I'm so proud of you and for you!! I know you did a great job! I can't wait to see it on Youtube....:) I do believe you were very brave because I'm not sure I could do it........I guess I would try if God told me to....:) Hugs and Congratulations!!!

    1. Lisa, thank you! I actually dismissed this opportunity at first and then months later, the timing was right and I auditioned. When it's God's timing, it just feels different and "right". And, seriously, YOU should absolutely do this one day! You would bring something so cheerful and funny to the everyday mom story :)

  2. You were great. I'm proud of you for doing this and sharing your voice with us all. "Do it afraid" is one of the mantras one of our leaders in Premier Designs has shared with us. It applies to so much in life!

  3. Candy, thank you! Yes, that is a great mantra to live by! Otherwise, we might not ever move forward.

  4. I love your message here, Debbie! I was scared too. But I didn't look it at all, right? ;-)

    SO happy about and glad for and in awe of your bravery!!


  5. Elaine,
    You were fearless remember? :)


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