Thursday, May 1, 2014

How I Write

Recently my friend Jennifer wrote a post (HERE) titled "HOW I WRITE" and tagged the readers, in order for us to share the same. So here it is - finally!

What Am I Working On?
Lately I've had a few writing projects going on, which are kind of "out there" compared to blogging.  I've been dabbling in song writing (just a bit), which is a dream of mine and I've also started a series titled "She" Essays, which are short, one page essays about women.   I hope to submit those for day.

I've been slacking in my blog posting lately, just because sometimes I go through times when I wonder if I'm really reaching anyone.    I know that many writers go through this, especially since the blogging world is humongous and there are so many blogs out there, but it can get you down sometimes.     When I'm feeling this way, I try to be a little more intentional about my goals and why I do this and I sometimes have to refocus and remember that God can use this blog any way He chooses and it's really not all in my hands.

How Does My Writing Differ From Others of It's Genre?
Well, I do tend to have a "teaching" style to my writing.   It's just the way my brain works!  I've always been a teacher/mothering type of person and it definitely shows in my writing.    In fact, it's almost hard for me to write something that isn't going to teach or encourage in some way.     I think it's one of the things that people are either going to love or hate.    Yeah, that goes for real life too.

Why Do I Write What I Do?
My ultimate goal in writing or blogging is to encourage women to be the best they can be.   This is tricky because I'm sure my heart's intention doesn't always come across the way I want, and can actually leave the readers feeling defeated at times.    That's never my intention!

My desire is to share my daily experiences - whether in regard to friends, family, church, or social circles - and help women deal with trials, struggles, and other hardships that are all part of most of our lives.

I always want my reader to go away with a sense of "I can do this!"   That's my goal and my hope for each woman that comes across my writing.

Sometimes, in order to grow, we have to recognize our weaknesses.   It's not fun.  It's not easy.  And most of the time, it doesn't feel great to realize that we need to make changes.    But, we should never quit striving to be better at our "jobs" (whether in the home or out), our marriages, our mothering, our friendships and especially our walk with the Lord.     (See, there I go again!)

Ok, last but not least........

How Does My Writing Process Work?
First off, I have to write in the early morning, before any noise (aka: kids, husband, dog) starts happening.    Once the routine of the day starts, my brain can no longer focus on writing. 

Therefore, I get up around 5:30 each morning, make my cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and usually start with my Bible Study.   After that, I will make my second cup and start to write.

I have several triggers that prompt my writing - one being my Bible Study.   I will sometimes write a teaching post, based off what I've studied that morning and how to apply it to real life.

Some ideas are triggered by pictures that I've taken.   Many times I snap a group of pictures and one will instantly bring an idea to mind, for the blog.    This happens quite often.    This is actually my favorite kind of post, because I love visuals and they can make such a difference in the look of your post and how people relate to the content.     So, many times I will scan through my pictures and find one that just screams "pick me!" and I'll start from there.

For the ideas that are always popping into my head, I jot them down in a notebook.   I will write the title, the idea, any picture that I want to use, and the general information about the message that comes to me.    Like any writer - be it a blogger, book author, song writer, etc., I try to always have paper and pen nearby, because when that idea hits, you need to write it down right away! 

Kind of akin to the way photographers start to see life through the lens and they are always evaluating the scene through that process - well, that's how it is with writing too. 

As a writer, everything becomes potential material for a new post, a story, a song, etc. 

It's just how it works.   You can't really turn it off, if it's truly in you!

Therefore, when I start to snap pictures or I tell my family to "hush" for a second while I'm scribbling out an idea on a sticky note, they know that I've just had something pop into my brain and they know that it, most likely, will end up here, there, or somewhere - in written form.  

And, sometimes that frightens them.

Thanks Jennifer for tagging your readers with this assignment!  It's been fun to walk through these thoughts and share a little about how and why I do this.  

And, if anyone would like to join in on this fun......please feel free!   I would love to know how and why you do what you do....too!


  1. What great questions! I think you are a great writer and always so encouraging! I loved hearing about your process....writing is truly a talent of yours. Have a great day!!

  2. I like how you find your inspiration. I'm always up at that time of morning too, but I'm getting dressed to leave then. I would like to think if that wasn't the case then I could/would sit down and write then, but I know that probably isn't true. I've never been much of a morning person.

    1. Jennifer, I've often wished I was one of those late night people who drink lots of coffee and stay up working, late into the night. The reality 10:30 I'm in bed or soon to be. The late night people sound so cool in the books :)

  3. I love to read your thoughts. I might have to do this! It looks like a good way to reflect. :)

    1. Melissa, you should! Let me know if you do, so I can read it :)

  4. I feel the same way you do about slacking sometimes with my blog. I too wonder if I'm reaching anyone. I also hope to encourage others through my blog. I wish I could get up before my kiddos to write, but I'm much more of a night owl Doesn't really jive with my daily commitments though... Thanks for sharing!


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