Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Want My Boy Back!

Well, God has a way of slowing you down sometimes and that's exactly what happened to me over the weekend.    The good news is I got a lot done and it has made my week somewhat easier to think about.

Last week was crazy with Collin having drama practice every single afternoon.  This week promised to be just as wild, with rehearsals, the last day of co-op, costume fittings and finally two performances, Thursday and Friday night. 

I did a lot of complaining last week - mostly to myself, but I think David caught a little bit of it too, if my memory serves me right.   I don't know.   I've slept since then.....sort of.

So yesterday I got to thinking about the fact that Collin has been sick since Saturday and how much I complained about being too busy and then I started feeling really guilty. 

Surely I'd rather have a busy teen, needing a ride here and there, than a sick teen and down time, right?

I remember doing one of Jen Hatmaker's Bible Studies one year and her attitude about being busy was that it's all good!  She said something to the effect that being busy meant you had a good life with lots to do and people too.     Hmmmm.......not sure if that always applies, but I can see where she's going with that.

So, taking that philosophy into consideration - I want my teen back! 

I want my healthy boy who is always happy and smiling and cracking me up!  The one who's always ready for the next invitation, the next event, the next game coming out, the next friend get-together.   Yeah, that one!

Not that I don't love this boy who has been in pj's since Saturday (but he has showered y'all) and has the look of fever in his eyes and just wants to sleep a lot.    I do.   But, I'm ready for the other boy to come back!

I want to drive him somewhere, have him ask me for something, have him roll his eyes at me because I'm griping about it all.     It's what we do.

Well, hopefully today he will be one step closer to being his old self again.   

And when he gets well, I'm going to be "all in"!   No more complaining, no more wishing I could just lock the doors and shut the world out.    Uh uh!  Not this mom!

I'm going to be happy and joyful and ready to go at all times!

Until I get tired.

Then I'll want some "down time".

But, I'm not going to say it outloud.


  1. haha...yep....I know what you mean. When I'm busy I'm fussing....when I'm not I'm bored...women!! Who can figure us out? I don't even know what I want...lol. I hope you get your boy back soon.....get well Collin. Have a great week Debbie!!

  2. Lisa,
    I hear ya with the boredom thing! I gotta keep moving or I'm bored!


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