Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just A Few Projects......

I love projects!  

I'm one of those annoying people that always needs something to do; something to work on and am my own worst enemy when it comes to making more work for myself.    Yes, I might need therapy.

But, in the meantime, let me pull you into my little world of projects that make me excited and keep me from having downtime.

Project #1
 This happened Saturday.  We needed to move some stuff from the front porch to the back porch, so my smart (and handsome) husband decided we could use his jeep to do the hauling.   It worked perfectly, but we seriously looked like the Joads (Grapes of Wrath) or the Beverly Hillbillies.  Either way - it was one short trip, which worked for me!

The back porch has been neglected for way too long simply because it's always in use.  We are one of those "back porch guests are best" families, I guess.   So, Saturday was the day to make it a little more appealing and give it a bit of character.
 This is the finished product (except I have since moved the lamp back inside - too much for me).

This porch is actually screened in and serves as our "mud room", "dog food room", "leave your boots at the door" room, etc.     But, now it looks cute and serves a purpose, so I feel better.

 Here's project #2........

Trying to refresh my flower beds (well, technically they are buckets) out front, since they all froze over the winter and basically did what all my plants do best - DIE. 

And, every year I just buy more.  Hey!  I'm helping the economy, right?

 Project #3
 This little project has been hiding in my kitchen pantry for way too long and we finally made a little progress on it Saturday.   While David had his drill out, working on the back porch, I casually mentioned this little stack of lids that I've been saving for him to drill nail holes in and could he possibly do it for me today.    (I might have given him a sweet smile while asking.) 

Like he always does - he said "yes" and proceeded to drill holes in these metal and porcelain lids for me, which wasn't the easiest task and might have even ruined a drill bit or two, but who's counting.
 I've been collecting these lids for a few years now and even received two of them as a sweet gift from a friend (Hi Lorie)! But, because they needed holes drilled, they've been sitting in a stack in the pantry all this time.   It's one of those things that, once you get going, it takes so little time that you ask yourself why you waited so long to actually do it.   No answer for that one.  

Anyway, my plan is to hang them around the top of my kitchen wall and they might possible have something written on them, but I'm not telling that right now.   Tune in later for the reveal.

 Project #4
 Then there's my living room.   An ongoing project - always!

I think I've finally got it looking pretty cute, so maybe I'm done with it for awhile.   Not sure.  Can't promise anything.

Project #5
Now, this is something I'm having great fun with!

 Paper, stickers, stamps, glue, scissors, etc.    I'm actually making myself spend time doing some paper projects here and there and I'm having a lot of fun creating and working with my hands. 

In case I haven't made myself clear in the past - I'M ADDICTED TO PAPER!

I love all things paper and especially notebooks, binders, books, etc.

So, I've been using these little notebooks as my latest obsession and decorating the front with stickers, papers, tile letters and other goodies.  

Remember the prayer journal I did a while back?

These notebooks are great to work with because they are cheap and easily accessible.  Just add a few cutouts, stickers, stamps, and letters and you have a cute journal and even a gift or two.

Anyway - that's a glimpse into my project world and how I keep myself occupied when I'm not cooking, cleaning, washing, teaching, grading, mopping, feeding animals, vacuuming, dusting, driving, buying, lecturing, and other everyday things.

Projects are good for the soul.    They keep me busy, keep me creative, keep me thinking about what to do next and most of all - I enjoy having something to do.    I can't help it.

What about YOU?

Working on anything lately?    I would love to hear all about it!   Actually, I would love to know that I'm not the only crazy lady that can't sit still and do nothing.     That would be good to know....

Leave me a comment and let me know what keeps you busy.


  1. Beautiful! You should start hiring yourself out and decorate others homes too :)

  2. Pauline,
    Thank you :) I really love decorating and organizing. Maybe one know...when this "school" gig is up :)