Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Biggest Fan

As I sit here thinking....NO...more like panicking....over the fact that tomorrow is THE day (our Listen to Your Mother show), I can't help but think about the man next to me.   The one who has always been my biggest supporter, my biggest fan, my awesome partner in these last 26 years, and the one that calls himself "my best friend." 

None other than my husband, David.

How did I ever find this man that has loved me for so many years?

I don't think a day has gone by that he hasn't told me he loves me and how pretty I am.   Of course I return the "I love you" with an echo of my own sentiment, but the pretty part....I just shake my head and wonder how I got so "lucky" to have this man.

He is so much more than I even prayed for, way back "when".      Loyal, trustworthy, loving, kind, generous, funny, a good looking, hard working man.    And, to top it off......he loves Jesus!

David is so many things, wrapped into one 6'3" tall man!   (We look ridiculous standing next to one another!)

He is an outdoor, car fixing, racing, gun shooting, riding horses kind of man.    Yet, he usually gets teary at movies before I do.

On the other hand, he's an excellent artist.   This was one thing I noticed about him when we first started dating.    He could draw to perfection.   I always thought he should have been an architect because his precision and creativity were amazing. 

He's also a fantastic musician.   He can literally sight read anything!  He's one of those annoying types that won't go to practice, but steps in at the last minute and nails the song on the first try!  
His list of instruments include: Tuba, Trombone, Baritone, Bass Guitar and Acoustic Guitar.   

But, certainly not to be forgotten - his bass voice!    This man can sing bass!   He always has all the old ladies swooning in church or the nursing homes :)   They know a good bass when they hear one!

 Not only has he passed on his creativity to our sons, but he's passed on something else, as well.

He is the reason that my sons are fiercely protective and always armed and ready to defend.    He's taught them the skill of being alert to dangerous situations.  He's taught them to defend their family.  I have never had to worry that they wouldn't have a plan or know what to do, in an emergency.    David has equipped them to think and survive.     I truly appreciate this skill in today's crazy world.

But, as much of a manly man as he is, he's always quite the gentleman (as real men should be). 

He always opens my car door, lets me serve myself first, refuses to let me iron his clothes, and isn't afraid to don an apron and clean the kitchen.

He's funny and keeps me laughing.   (He keeps the boys rolling their eyes.)

He's an excellent husband, a great father and he's even a great son to his parents - one of the best, actually.    He never fails to check on his mom and make sure she's doing ok; especially since his father passed away last year.    She is blessed, as well. 

I also must include that he's the man, who when whisking me away from my own father, promised me that he would drive me back there (a 5 1/2 hour drive) anytime I wanted to see my family.   And, when my dad was so very sick and in the hospital for 5 months, he did just that and never complained, even once.    

He's also a great boss and the one you want to work for.   This man literally prays for his employees and the patients he serves, every single morning.     Past employees have actually followed him to new companies, because they loved working for him.   He truly cares about others.

David always says that I'm his best friend.  I say "no" to that.

Best friends are awesome, but my husband is so much more than that.  

He's the one that I want by my side until I die.    He's the one that sees me ugly and still says I'm pretty.   He's the one that sees my extra 10 or 20 pounds and still says I'm "all that".   He sees me freak out and calms me down.   He comforts me, he blesses me, he sharpens me, he basically completes me with his opposite-ness of me :)

He's an amazing man and I love him.

He's my husband and everything I prayed for and so much more.

So, as I get ready to take the stage tomorrow and read my story on motherhood, there is no one I'd rather have cheering me on, but him. 

He's my biggest fan and he believes in me.

What woman doesn't want that?

I am blessed, for sure!


  1. What a great tribute to your husband! It is truly a blessing to hear from a woman who loves and respects her husband and realizes what a wonderful gift from God he is. Blessings on your today - and tomorrow.

    1. Thank you so much! I think we should build our men up :)


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