Monday, June 2, 2014

This is LIFE!

The quiet, peaceful feeling of this picture is what I wish I were feeling right now.   I love my early morning routine of drinking coffee, praying, reading God's word and writing.    It's how I start every morning and it's what I've come to rely on, to get me started on the right foot.

But, the reality of this morning is much different.

We've been up since 5:30, getting ready for the flooring guy to come.

My house is a total disaster and I basically have one tiny corner of the livingroom to exist in, as well as the kitchen of course (we have to eat).

I could never be a hoarder!  I will be doing good to survive this mess for one day, much less ever have to live this way!

On the up-side.....we are getting rid of 10 year old carpet and I'm so happy!  I have a love-hate thing for carpet.   Especially now, since we just ripped ours up and saw how much dirt actually sinks into the carpet, down through the padding and onto the tar paper below!   You would have to have a serious vacuum cleaner to get all the dirt, all the time!    I just feel like it's one big germ fest going on underneath!

We will be putting in laminate, which we have throughout the main areas of the house and we'll have to buy some rugs so we don't freeze our little feet off in the winter.    Houses on piers are cold!

Now we're thinking we need to paint our bedroom while we have all the stuff out of there.  We certainly don't want to do this all over again anytime soon!   But, that might definitely will mean, sleeping somewhere besides our bed tonight.    Oh, the fun!

In the meantime, I am working in the front part of the house today, which basically means here at my desk or in the kitchen.

I've already started a few cooking projects (freezer meals coming right up!) and will be busy with those for a few hours.

Maybe I'll even catch up on some writing projects today, among the banging noises coming out of the back of the house.     Not usually how I do my writing, but at least it will drown out any other noise going on, like teen playing guitar, TV, conference calls and various other things happening around here.

This is LIFE, folks!

Noise.  Mess.  People.  Chaos.  Clutter.

It's one big beautiful mess!

Enjoy yours :)


  1. We bought our house as a foreclosure about 9 years ago, and it was full of nasty, old carpet. My noble husband (with some help from friends) pulled up about 4500 square feet of carpet. We obviously have a big house. I was pregnant at the time so got out of it :-). Anyway, he put down laminate almost everywhere, upstairs and main floor, except in the kitchen and bathrooms. I have to say it was one of our better decisions as it is SO much easier to keep the floors in decent shape without carpet. We have 8, going on 9 kids, and carpet would be impossible to keep clean. So this is a long way of saying, I'm happy for you and think you made a great decision.

  2. Thanks Laraba :) We love the new floors! It has really changed the look of the house for the better!


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