Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week 1 Meal from Marcy Jo's Cookbook

 It's Saturday, which means it's the last day to share any photos of the meal you made from Marcy Jo's cookbook (assuming you participated).

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can catch up with the previous posts HERE.

 So it seems I should have chosen a little more carefully when I selected the recipes for Week 1.   Although no one else complained.......they were a little bit "involved" and took some time to make all three in one setting.

I started the morning out by baking the Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies.

This was actually my first time to make this type of cookie.   I've made peanut butter cookies before, just not with the kiss on top.

 I followed the recipe exactly (only baking for 8 minutes so they would come out soft) and they turned out perfect.  

My only mistake was not unwrapping the kisses while the cookies were baking, so on the first batch, I had to scramble to open the candy before the cookies cooled!  Whew!

 Later in the afternoon, I started on the meal.

First came the Angel Biscuits. 

I chose to start on those first because they were supposed to have time to rise.   That would be the perfect time to assemble the Shepherds Pie and get it in the oven. 


  Sounds like a great plan, right?

Only my biscuits ended up being "drop" biscuits because I have THE WORST LUCK with dough!

I cannot make dough correctly, to save my life!   And this attempt was no exception!

Anytime I try to make dough that needs to be rolled and cut or shaped or whatever, it turns out to be a huge, sticky mess and I vow to never try again.

So this time, I mean it!

 And that is why my Angel Biscuits don't look like the delicious, perfectly round, one inch delicacies that Marcy and Joey present in the video.

Instead, they look like this:


 But, oh well.

 Next I moved on to the Shepherd's Pie.   This was easy to put together, considering I always have pre-cooked ground beef in the freezer.  

In fact, this dish calls for ingredients that I normally already have in the kitchen, so it will be easy to duplicate in the future.


 It turned out great and served us well, as we were able to eat two meals off this one dish.

 So, here is the finished meal for Week 1 of
A Month of Meals with Marcy Jo's!

 Delicious and a big hit at my house!

Don't forget to share you photos TODAY, if you participated in this week's meal.    The photos need to be shared on the Facebook page A Million Skies and when you share your photos, you will be added to the drawing for a surprise package at the end of June. 

 Tomorrow I will post the menu for WEEK 2, so tune in to the blog or the Facebook page to find out what's cooking next!

In the meantime......

take a break!


  1. It did take me quite a while to make the meal (I started at 4 and finished around 6:30 or 7), but I figured it's just b/c I'm slow when it comes to anything in the! It wasn't too bad though. My kids both helped with different aspects of the meal and it was nice to make everything pretty much from scratch. We opted to save the cookies for a later day so we could share them when they were fresh out of the oven with friends :) I can see myself making a meal like this from scratch once a week. It's gets me and the kids working together in the kitchen and these homemade meals taste so good!

  2. Pauline, that's great about the once a week thing! You have to come back for Weeks 2, 3, and 4 !!1


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